sexta-feira, fevereiro 13, 2009

Blogging: Qual Elemento Químico eu sou?

Hg... Mercury

You scored 54 Mass, 38 Electronegativity, 67 Metal, and 10 Radioactivity!

Quicksilver. You are a contradiction in terms and the largest most grave flaw in this classification scheme... you defy all expectations because, while your interactions with things should be marked by intransigence, inflexibility, and singlemindedness, you manage to slip through and engulf problems and concepts with an impossibly fluid grace. You are an unknown quantity, and one that subsumes others and forces them to reexamine their entire paradigm. Okay, I'm just throwing out grandiose sentences now because I can't rationalize where mercury falls in this scheme... be proud though... its awesome.

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Igualmente do Chá de Hortelã.

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